Tuesday, 26 April 2011

It has come to my attention that recently my blog has been going slightly off topic. This is not necessarily a bad thing but since the original purpose of this blog was for me to document my journey to becoming a fashion designer I should really post a bit more actually related to fashion. : s 
Let me see...well I didn't mention it at the time but I got rejected from Central Saint Martins, which is no big deal as I have my offer from Ravensbourne, which was my preferred choice anyway. I've also spent the last couple of months doing my A2 textiles coursework and today I finally finished it! We have to hand it in tomorrow and let me tell you, it will be such a RELIEF! I ended up only making the top and jacket and abandoning the trousers; it was an unnecessary amount of work and I just didn't have the time.

Also happening tomorrow is the start of my art exam. This is traditionally 3 days long but since it starts tomorrow and this Friday is the Royal Wedding (wooo!), and therefore is a public holiday, our art exam must be continued a whole 4 days later! This means if we suddenly find that 2 thirds of the way through our exam we are struggling to finish we will have 4 days longer than any other year to do parts of it at home and bring it in on the last day, and no-one will ever know! Get in! (but you didn't hear that from me...) I actually really enjoy art exams because, unlike any other exam, by the time you get to it there is nothing you can do but be prepared so in it all you do is sit, relax, listen to some music and do art. And it gives me three days off school so that in combination with Easter and all these bank holidays means I have over 3 weeks off! However that also means that the end of school FOREVER!!!! is fast approaching. : s But I'm trying not to dwell on that...

In other non-fashion but highly Musey news, this weekend my brother and I, who as you may have gathered are avid Musers, recorded a video of ourselves dancing like mad men to the outro of Micro Cuts in an effort to be included in a fan intro to "Muse: The Movie". We look silly as hell but we sent it off and the maker of the movie really liked it and hopefully we will be included! And, I need to contain myself for this part, MUSE THEMSELVES ARE VIEWING THE MOVIE!!! Aaaahh I may just die! I apologise for going all fangirl again, but when it comes to Muse, I simply can't control myself!

Lyric of the Day: "Sounds like forks on a plate" - Micro Cuts, Muse

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Why Tuesday Is The New Friday

(yes I know it is now Thursday and so following my own theory today is Sunday : ( but luckily my theory isn't real and therefore today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday! Everyone's a winner!)

Over the past 7 weeks or so, as I think I have mentioned before, I took back up my part time job. I do it every Tuesday afternoon for about 3 and a half hours because I have a "study" afternoon, ooh naughty me! Trust me though, if it weren't for the money I'd much rather study than have to haul around god knows how many boxes full of files up and down stairs and into attics then painstakingly remove every single god forsaken staple out of every flipping sheet. This week was particularly painful as, after believing I would have the "luxury" of only having to de-metal, I arrived at work with very tired legs and bruised ribs, preventing me from bending even the slightest amount, to find I in fact had to lift a further 10 or so boxes, oh the joys!

Why were my ribs bruised? Because the night before I had been to see Does It Offend You, Yeah? at Heaven and since we were by far the first people to arrive there, even though we dawdled in comparison to how early we usually turn up to gigs, we got right to the barrier and hence the bruising. It was an amazing night though, and I finally got a set list! The support acts, Tripwire and Hounds were also pretty good and the venue was really nice and intimate. So far my challenge of going to at least one concert a month this year is going well. The worrying thing is now though the next concert I have booked is in July! So I really need to sort something out for May soon!

So since Tuesday is the only day I work and it really is more tiring than all of my coursework, homework and revision put together, which is really saying something, when it is finished for the week it is more relieving than the end of the school week on Friday. It may also have something to do with the fact that on Wednesdays I don't have Japanese, my only academic subject left now that I've finished maths, and the only subject I actually have to think in. Therefore Wednesday usually feels like a bit of a dos for me. However, this feeling probably won't last much longer as my art exam and textiles coursework deadlines are rapidly approaching, not to mention my actual exams which I haven't even properly started revising for yet. Oh well.  

Lyric of the Day: "Crazy, crazy! Easy tiger" - Norgaard, The Vaccines