Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Unsocial Network?

(I need to just say I was meant to finish this and post it ages ago but I've been so busy there's a bit of a backlog of blogs at the moment, updates coming soon!)

I don't know about you but I think the idea that social networking sites are actually, rather ironically "unsociable" is becoming a bit of a cliche. Whilst in Ireland last week I read an article in an Irish Newspaper (possibly the Times? it doesn't really matter, I'm not out to name and shame) of a similar title that was basically complaining about the annoyance and unsociable nature of social network sites, in particular Twitter. Now, I myself have been known to have mixed views on Facebook, it has it's pros and it's cons. On that topic I have now decided that the pros by far outweigh the cons and as long as you handle it in the right way there really isn't a problem with Facebook.

But back to this article; I found the writer of it infuriatingly ignorant. He made no apologies from the beginning of the article to being completely out of touch with the entire concept of social networking; having never used Facebook or Twitter and having no interest in starting. Yet he proceeded to condemn the sites themselves and their users. After admitting to signing up to Twitter (he was forced to by his son or something) he then recounts that his main problem with it is that most of its users uneducated, grammatically incorrect imbeciles (his words, pretty much, not mine) that share way to much information. Who wants to know if you've had toast for breakfast? he exclaims. Well there's a simple solution to that mate, don't follow these so called imbeciles who give share far too much information! Really the only imbecile here is you; you're clearly either too old or too out of touch with the modern world to fully understand how these social networks should be used, and the benefits that they can have. And you definitely haven't done your research for this article very well. Whilst some of the readers of The Times may still be firmly stuck on their anti-social network (The youth of today! *tuts*) "high ground", I can almost guarantee you that they will start to dwindle and authors like this need to realise this and adapt.        

Rant over. I think. 
Lyric of the Day: "Something is wrong, spit it out!" - Mothership, Enter Shikari

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