Friday, 28 October 2011

Raving It Up!

Again, I've left it too long since my last post. What can I say, I've been very busy! Busy because, as i mentioned in my last post, I've started at my new college, Ravensbourne! There has been so much going on, too much to write about now so I'm just going to post a few photos of what I've been doing (probably a relief after how long my last post was!). All I will say is it had actually been so amazingly fun! 
Taken from a storyboard I made in the first week for Lens Based Media; a carrot has been captured and needs to escape before he is made into soup! 
This is a bit of a long story, we basically had to take photos of us in groups wearing bags we had drawn on on our heads; the topic that week was concepts and processes aka pissing about (as if the other weeks didn't already involve a large dose of this). By chance there was a Domino's stand in college that day so we decided to take a photo there with all the "merch" (Harry McVeigh would be proud -"Oh didn't you know Domino's is the only pizza he eats? It's a well known fact!"). Laugh if you like, but it worked better than expected as we got some free pizza out of it!
For one of our tasks during the 3D design week we had to made a bridge in groups out of cardboard and bamboo sticks. It was 15m long, the height of a table and could only touch the floor at 2 points. Plus, it needed to carry the weight of a toy car; a pretty large, electric toy car this is. At the end of the day we raced the cars over all of the bridges then proceeded to destroy the bridges; I told you it was all just a load of fun!
OK, this is not a photo of my own work; it is indeed a very childish photo of the toilets at Waterloo. For our final week of the rotations we had graphics so for our research on the first day we went to Waterloo to take photos and sketches of all of the graphics on display there (a lot it turns out), well until we were ordered to stop by the station security. Apparently there is no drawing allowed at Waterloo. Anyway, before that happened we ran around like primary school kids on a trip, giggling like school girls and taking photos much like the one above and getting a lot of weird looks from tourists. Yes, even the tourists thought we were taking photos of weird things. Ultimate gaijin. 
So that's why I've been so busy. Yes, I know it looks like just a lot of fun and games (which to be honest is what I treated it like) but it actually involved work, which I realised a bit too late, and this week we even had an assessment! Scary stuff, if you don't pass you're kicked off the course, but I passed so it's fine! You might notice that I have not included fashion in this post. That is because I am trying to put this blog back on it's original track, which was predominantly a fashion blog. So next post will be all about fashion! Woo! In the meantime, if you want more of my ramblings about music, which is one of the reasons this blog went off track, you can take a look at the tumblr I created purely for music: 

Lyric of the Day: "I'd play with fire to break the ice" - Wendy Clear, Blink-182   

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